A R T   B I O G R A P H Y


Spencer Brewer has been creating art and music all his life. For decades his focus was composing, recording and producing music (350 produced records, film scores and 17 solo albums). Alongside his musical passion he also worked on, rebuilt or restored over 20,000 pianos, crank phonographs and pump organs. This work inspired him to collect unique and obscure vintage mechanical artifacts along the way while honing his mechanical and shop skills.


He creates quirky and fantastical pieces of art out of re-purposed, or ‘found art’ materials; from the whimsical and humorous to the extraordinary and dark, each piece one of a kind. Many of his works focus on musical instruments...re-imagined.

The viewer is often caught off guard wondering whether what they are seeing is a real instrument, long forgotten...or not.


Creating compositions from vintage or unusual objects, Spencer inspires viewers with a sense of delight, surprise and often times awe. His and his wife Esther Siegel’s studio, the “Barn of Curiosities, Oddities and Light”, is a wonderland of eccentric ephemera and mechanical obscura to behold.


He writes, “I love vintage 60-150 year-old ingeniously designed parts and objects. The graphic design and engineering of the industrial to science fiction eras inspire me.”

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.